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Sponsored Content ads allow our clients to target business professionals using a variety of targeting options from job title to company name.  LinkedIn sponsored content ads can capture leads directly on LinkedIn or direct customers to your website.

LinkedIn Advertising Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Advertising Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail allows our clients to send messages right to targeted business professionals indox’s on LinkedIn.  With a variety of targeting options we can assure the right message makes it to the right business professional

Text Ads

Text Ads on LinkedIn allow our clients to target display banner ads on the sidebar of LinkedIn feeds using all of targeting options of sponsored content and sponsored inmail.  Unlike sponsored content inside of feeds, text ads gain much longer visibility on the sidebar.

LinkedIn Advertising Text Ads

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B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social platforms for business to business marketing. LinkedIn’s business targeting options trump Facebook and Google making it favorite choice of our clients when it comes to b2b advertising.

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