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Local & Map Listings

Local listings and map listings have become an important part of the SEO strategy for our clients. These search results are often shown when the search query warrants local businesses. They are accompanied by a map pindrop, review ratings and a call, directions or website icon depending on whether you are on a mobile device or desktop.

Local Map Listings

Organic Listings

Organic Listings

Website traffic from organic listings continues to be one of the largest and most relevant sources of visitors to our client’s sites. Our SEO professionals take a comprehensive and thorough approach to optimizing websites for organic rankings.  The long term value and sticky nature of organic rankings makes it an important channel for our client’s digital marketing strategies.

100+ Business Listings

Making sure our client’s businesses are properly listed with consistent information across 100+ major directories is an important part of our local SEO strategy. Consistent business listings helps Google and other search engines validate information and place our clients higher in the rankings.  With a direct connection to these directories we are also able to easily update information and post promotions across all the major business directories.

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Business Listings

Review Management

Review Management

Our clients get more 5 star reviews by automatically sending SMS (text messages) and email requests to all their happy customers.  We automatically share 5 star reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. In addition, we share 5 star reviews on our client’s website with customizable widgets to provide social proof and increase their conversion rate of new customers. We also monitor all their reviews across 200+ websites in one simple spot and provide the ability to reply to reviews with the touch of a button.

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SEO Content + Social

Consistently posting new optimized content to our client’s websites is a way to both drive traffic through content marketing and give Google and other search engines an indicator that our websites are up-to-date, active and well maintained. In addition, we share fresh content across the major social media platforms to create additional traffic.

SEO Content + Social

SEO Reports

SEO Dashboard & Reports

Our All-in-One Marketing Dashboard allows our clients to login and track multiple aspects of their SEO progress in a single, simple to use dashboard. In addition, they receive comprehensive PDF reports outlining SEO progress. Our All-in-One Marketing Dashboard monitors rankings, overall organic visibility via Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google My Business metrics, backlinks and competition.

A Comprehensive Approach to SEO

We take a comprehensive and methodical approach to optimizing websites for maximum organic visibility.

Keyword Research

Good SEO starts with comprehensive keyword research. Although there are many keyword and SEO research tools, we prefer to use Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends for the bulk of our keyword research. Several factors are important when choosing keywords to focus your search engine optimization efforts around.

  1. Relevancy
  2. Volume
  3. Competition
  4. Value
  5. Trend

Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends are the perfect tools to research these factors and determine the best set of keywords to target.

  1. Relevancy

While relevancy is mostly intuitive, we use a combination of the search term, avg. monthly searches, competition, suggested bid and manual searches to help us  determine which keywords are the most relevant for our client’s objectives.  The intent of some search queries may not always be straight forward, so manually seeing what type of results Google serves up on its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) can help us in determining intent and relevancy. In addition, the suggested bid, which is a clear indicator of the value of a search term can also indicate the relevancy, because sometimes value is relevancy.

2. Volume (avg. monthly searches)

SEO Research Volume

While relevancy is the most important factor when choosing keywords, search volume or average monthly searches comes in a close second.  If you want lots of website traffic, your site needs to be optimized for search terms with lots of volume. Some search terms with the highest monthly volume don’t have high suggested bids because they are search queries with information intent rather then buying intent.

3. Competition

SEO Research Competition

Google’s Keyword Planner rates search term competition low, medium or high.  We don’t avoid high competition search terms, we welcome the challenge! Often times the most competitive search queries are also the most valuable. We simply us the competition rating as factor in determining which set of keywords are the best to target within our client’s budget.

4. Value

SEO Research Value

The suggested bid can be a good indicator to the value of a search term.  Industries and keywords with a high lifetime value of an acquisition may also have a high suggested bid.  High suggest bids are common in law, medical and other professional service fields.

5. Trend & Seasonality

SEO Research Trend

Some search terms have seasonality or clear trends.